“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a man’s worst enemy!”

Well, this famous quote isn’t exactly true. I for one, absolutely love diamonds…

Welcome to ColoredDiamondGuide.com. My name is Paul and I am an avid gemstone collector who started this website to share my knowledge on colored diamonds. You see, most people are usually clueless about the essential things to look out for whether they are buying in online stores or via physical retailers.

You can’t really blame them.

Fancy colored diamonds require you to have a different concept in approaching them as compared to the usual colorless diamonds. And as if it weren’t tough enough to select a colored diamond, the lack of knowledge by sales personal and limited online resources makes it all the more challenging to buy one. This was one of the main motivation for the creation of this website – to empower the consumer with knowledge to make an educated decision.

Let’s get started with the 4Cs to help you get started and hopefully make rational choices in your quest for the perfect stone.


different types of colors in diamonds

Did you know that diamonds are formed naturally in every color of the rainbow?

Beyond a certain saturation, they are no longer graded in the D-Z scale.

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different carat sizes

Carat is the internationally accepted weight measuring unit for diamonds.

One carat is equal to 0.2 grams or sometimes described in the trade as 100 points.

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inspecting clarity of rough stones

Clarity is used to describe a diamond’s external flaws and internal purity.

A diamond with less clarity characteristics is much rarer and more valuable.

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close up view of engagement ring

Amongst the 4Cs, Cut is the only factor that is determined by humans.

It is also the most important element that determines a diamond’s appearance.

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More Advice to Get You Started And Thinking…

Very often, I get similar questions from our website’s visitors on how to get started with when planning to acquire a fancy colored diamond. Just like how different goals might require different tools and approaches, it is , especially when you have unrealistic dreams about how this gem stone you are about to buy will become a family heritage a few centuries later.

Let us do an overview of what questions you need to answer about your goals and yourself, what basic information you need to know about colored diamonds in general and what simple rules you need to follow in order to make sure that you will make a great deal.

Ask yourself: Who are you in this deal?

Defining your goals will narrow your choices, and narrowing your choices is quintessential if you do not want to get lost in an information jungle that inevitably leads to making bad decisions.

As you can see, these three situations are very different. In the case of investments, you are looking for maximum returns on your money, without caring about appearance and history too much. If making a regular, steady profit is your goal, it might not always be the highest class of diamonds that you should consider buying.

In the second case, your intention isn’t going to be making a profit from selling the diamond and you aren’t going to make it an important piece of your life either. You can actually apply clever tricks that we will talk about later – basically, in these cases you can buy diamonds which appear to be very valorous, but their price tag is surprisingly small.

Obviously, the last case is self-explanatory: your engagement ring should ideally be the best of the best. But buying the best of the best might not always be that simple and it raises some other questions too.

intense yellow 1 carat diamond with double pave setting

Combining your answers to these three questions will make choosing from what your jeweler offers much easier. So, give yourself some time and you might figure out what you need. The key takeaway point is never to buy on impulse and only make a purchase when everything is right about it.

After all, diamonds are forever. You don’t want to be stuck with an expensive purchase with lingering second thoughts.

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