About The Website

what got us started?

A little background about us…

When I first got interested in fancy colored diamonds, I realized there isn’t any comprehensive resource for the general consumer to reference or learn from. I also found out that more than 80% of diamond buyers never bother to fully understand what they are buying.

Despite stories of salespeople lying through their teeth to close a deal and how unscrupulous jewelers often take advantage of naïve shoppers, many people are still committing the same mistakes others made.

This really bothered me for a long time.

How could people spend thousands of dollars on a purchase without even knowing how to protect themselves? It turns out that the underlying cause for making poor decisions, receiving jewelry of poor quality and getting ripped-off often stem from a lack of knowledge in the consumer.

I had been there in the shoes of a consumer hunting for the perfect ring and committed mistakes during my early purchases. In fact, I built up my expertise and knowledge the hard way. Since then, I had come a long way in my gemstone collection hobby and even graduated from GIA by acing the class.

my gemological background

This is a small compilation of the credentials I earned from GIA…

gemological institute of america certification

prestigious association

I created this website with the hope of empowering fellow consumers with the necessary knowledge so that you don’t commit the same mistakes that I made before. ColoredDiamondGuide.com was founded on the basis of providing consumers with a fast-track into the world of fancy colored diamonds.

With that, I welcome you on a journey with us the wondrous world of colored diamonds where every facet of learning is a discovery of joy.

Paul Gian