I am sure that most of us are used to the fact that when something is rare, its price usually is higher. With about 35% of diamonds having any noticeable fluorescence and only 10% of them having enough to change the overall look of the diamond, you would expect these diamonds to be priced highly above their non-fluorescent counterparts. Well, it depends on a case by case basis.

While some diamonds can benefit from this “special effect”, most other diamonds might have fluorescence that doesn’t match the base color of the stone. For example, in a fancy yellow diamond, a very strong blue fluorescence can actually make that yellow diamond appear “whiter” under certain lighting conditions like natural sunlight.

As a result, most of the stones that belong to the latter group are  usually priced much lower than they would be without fluorescence. Vice versa, a fancy blue diamond with medium blue fluorescence would be deemed favorable.

Influence On Prices of Colored And Non-Colored Diamonds

price chart comparison of d colored diamonds with fluorescence

In the cases of colorless (D-F) diamonds, you can always expect diamonds to be discounted based on the levels of fluorescence they display. As you can see from the above table, a strong blue fluorescence in the 3rd D colored diamond causes it to sell at a much lower price despite being very similar in specifications to the other 2 stones. This is due to basic economics as the general view market perceive such stones as “inferior” and aren’t in as high a demand for non-fluorescent ones.

In fancy colored diamonds, fluorescence might not necessarily have a huge impact on prices. The metrics that determine the value of a colored diamond is way more complex.

Here’s a few examples that demonstrate this. In the first comparison, both radiant cut diamonds are graded very similarly in terms of their specifications by GIA. One has medium blue fluorescence while the other has none. Yet both of them command very similar price points.

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comparison of fancy yellow diamonds with and without fluorescence

 In the next comparison, we also see a very similar level of pricing for the diamonds.

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different length to width ratios in radiant cuts

Personally, I absolutely love fluorescence in stones because it makes really unique and cool to view under black lightings. While the current market has its unique system for pricing these stones, it still boils down to your preferences and what you like. I would say that it is definitely worthwhile to consider these stones since they can still make astonishing pieces of jewelry or a collector’s item.

And if you are like me, once you get into contact with a diamond that gives off a mystical glow, you might just be hooked by its beauty for life.