Diamond Collector’s Stone With Strong White Fluorescence

People buy various gemstones due to their different appeal. Likewise, diamond collectors look for various properties when buying one for their collections. When it comes to fancy colored diamonds, it is obvious that color matters most. However, did you know that there other other aspects of a diamond that can make them alluring to buyers?

Unique Fluorescence Color Can Make People Go Wow!

The most common color of fluorescence found in naturally occurring diamonds is blue. In fact, the GIA lab estimates that approximately 35% of graded gems exhibit some degree of fluorescence under the correct conditions. In very rare instances, diamonds can fluoresce yellow, red, green or other colors.

Blue is the most common fluorescent color in gem-quality diamonds. In rare instances, fluorescence can be white, yellow, orange, or many other colors. And when a particular attribute is rare, you can be sure that people will place a certain value over it.

strong white gia diamond

fancy yellow radiant cut diamond

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I personally love the overall shape and cut of this radiant stone. Truth be told, this was an accidental find while I was browsing through James Allen’s inventory and I thought that it would interest some of the readers of this site.

If you are a diamond collector, does fluorescence attract you? What are the things that pique your interests? What do you look for in a purchase? Feel free to leave a comment below because I would love to hear your thoughts.